Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach was a renowned physician and homeopath who believed in treating the emotions of an individual rather than the disease or its symptoms. He believed that it is our outlook - our emotions – which are the keys to our healing. Dr Bach discovered 38 flower remedies made from wild plants, trees and bushes and he believed these to cover all human emotions such as fear, uncertainty, intolerance or lack of confidence. The most well known remedy is Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy which is a combination of five of the 38 remedies and is used in a crisis situation.

It was Dr Bach’s intention that his system should be available to everyone, and many people make use of the fact that the remedies are available in many chemists and health food shops. It can, however, sometimes be difficult to see ourselves clearly and outside help might therefore be needed. A Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner can help you choose the most appropriate remedies for you. The remedies are safe and can be used alongside other medication. As part of the consultation, you will receive your own bottle of remedies selected specially for you.


The flower remedy Walnut can help if big changes are happening in your life. Walnut can help you to adjust to the changes and move forward.

If you have been putting something off, the remedy Hornbeam can help you by getting started with renewed enthusiasm.

With help of the flower remedies, negative states of emotions are addressed and health, balance and well-being restored.